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In this category of the catalog, products, solutions or new catalog features are presented so that they can be seen directly. This is especially important for single products which are placed in a subcategories of the entire catalog.

The entries remain here for a few weeks after the publication date and are then removed.

New in the catalog from 17th December 2021

Horizontal Cable
Brand TKM

Copper installation cable brand TKM for professional data networks.

We offer a Cat. 7A and a Cat. 7A+ installation cable with 1000 MHz and 1200 MHz as AWG22 version and this at the very best conditions in the high-quality CPR class B2ca.

If you are interested register directly for 2022 via our back office and use the convenient chat option to do so. Pre-registered persons can receive a discount on their first order - talk to our back office team at short notice and take advantage of this opportunity.


New in the catalog from 13th December 2021


CHAT Service - technical
and commercial support

For the best possible support, you can reach us easily during our office hours. Quick help from our support team for technical but also commercial questions.

From our support team, the first supporter to respond will take over the conversation with you. This ensures that you always have the same contact person within the conversation and that there are no information gaps in the conversation.

The background colour of the round chat symbol indicates directly whether you are inside or outside our support hours. The symbol will be grey instead of blue if you start the conversation outside the time period. Your request will remain offline until someone takes care of your request immediately at the beginning of the next office hours.


New in the catalog from 10th December 2021

Generic wall outlet for all
types of keystone modules

The extended version of the existing TKM wall outlet is now fully compatible with all types of keystone modules (KSM).

Whether as a 1-, 2- or 3-way wall outlet, all types of modules are compatible, so HD as well as SD module types can be mounted.

The front of the new wall outlet is completely identical to the previous version and integrates perfectly into the existing structure.


New in the catalog from 3rd December 2021

HD Patch Cord LC-DX
with extractor

Premium HD patch cord with high density brand connector for compact areas with less space available.

Very thin and lightweight cable with only 2.0mm in diameter and a LC-DX HD connector with extractor - simply pull the end of the colored extraction tab with two fingers and the patch cord releases cleanly from the fiber optic adapter.

Designed for highest demands and extremely easy to handle.


New in the catalog from 23rd November 2021

Subrack mounting adapter
for keystone modules

As an extension to the subrack system (BGTR), which mainly consists of fiber optic components, this plug-in unit for keystone modules is designed.

With a capacity of up to 6 slots, all types of keystone modules can be used. Also the slightly wider SD version of the RJ45 modules is also fully compatible.

With a width of 7HP (horizontal pitch of an e.g. 84HP wide subrack) up to 12 plug-in modules can be placed. This offers a high degree of flexibility, especially for mixed operation with fiber optic units in e.g. LCdx technology.


New in the catalog from 11th November 2021

Horizontal Cable
Brand TKM

FO installation cable brand TKM for professional data networks.

We offer central loose tube (CLT) cables for up to 24 fibers with excellent characteristics and with extremely good conditions for the CPR fire protection classes of Dca and B2ca.

Fiber optic cables with more than 24 fibers are offered as multi loose tube cable (MLT) and can be found for instance as 4x 12 fibers cable for the CPR fire protection class of Eca, Cca and B2ca in our catalog.

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